Experience the Many Benefits of Float Therapy

Floating or Float Therapy, also know as R.E.S.T, (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) describes what happens when you spend a specific amount of time in an environment that’s free from the distractions of light, sound, touch and gravity.  The effects are dramatic.

Reduce Stress

Detoxify Your Body

Improve Sleep

Increase Performance and Creativity

Reduce Joint & Muscle Pain

Sharpen Focus

Improve Memory & Cognitive Performance

Improve Brain-Fog

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Go Weightless

You’ll be floating in a shallow pool of water suspended with 850 pounds of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate). The magnesium is exceptional for the rejuvenation of skin, hair, nails and bones, while the sulfate pulls toxins, lactic acid, heavy metals, and other impurities from the body.

You’ll float effortlessly on the surface, completely eliminating the stress on bones, muscles, and organs.  And because the solution is heated to the temperature of your skin, within a few minutes you’ll lose the sensation of where your body ends and the solution begins.  It’s as close as you can get to feeling weightless – like in outer space.

The Meditation Miracle

For most users, after about 30 minutes into a float the real miracle happens. Almost uncontrollably your brain switches from beta waves to theta waves – the same waves one experiences during meditation.

While in this meditative state the brain empties of all extraneous and unnecessary thoughts.  The slate is wiped clean.  When you emerge after about an hour your body will feel detoxified and your mind will be clear and focused.  You will feel like you just took an eight-hour nap on a Maui beach.

We’re Squeaky Clean

Float Center popularity is growing but most centers still use 50 year old float tank technology – where the water in the float tank stays in the tank 24/7.  The floatSPA pod offers 100% water removal and complex filtration processes between each and every float session.  When you enter your private float suite, the floatSPA pod is completely empty and spotlessly clean.  As you shower and prepare for your float session, the floatSPA pod fills with your epsom salt float solution, ensuring that you are entering a completely clean, bacteria free float environment.  We call this the Indigo 100% Purity Guarantee.

With all the benefits of floating, it’s no surprise that more and more high profile sports and entertainment figures have incorporated regular floating into their lives. As they talk about the benefits of floating in the media, interest is exploding all across the U.S.

Float therapy in the news and on TV

Floating has been featured on many leading health and lifestyle publications and news sources.

Stephen Curry (NBA MVP and Championship Winner) discusses how float therapy keeps his game in peak shape

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Float Back And Relax

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You will see why floating is the fastest growing therapy in the field of health & wellness.