Experience the many benefits of R.E.S.T.

Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy

Floating, also know as REST, describes what happens when you spend a specific amount of time in an environment that’s free from the distractions of light, sound, touch and gravity.  

The effects are dramatic.

Reduce Stress

Detoxify Your Body

Improve Sleep

Increase Performance and Creativity

Reduce Joint & Muscle Pain

Sharpen Focus

Improve Memory & Cognitive Performance

Lower Blood Pressure

Go Weightless

You’ll be floating, suspended with hundreds of pounds of Epsom salt which creates a 30% magnesium sulfate solution. It’s denser than The Dead Sea. The magnesium is exceptional for the rejuvenation of skin, hair, nails and bones, while the sulfate pulls toxins, lactic acid, heavy metals, and other impurities from the body.

You’ll float effortlessly on the surface, completely eliminating stress on bones, muscles, and organs. within a few minutes, you’ll lose the sensation of where your body ends and the solution begins because the solution is heated to the temperature of your skin,

It’s as close as you can get to feeling weightless – like in outer space.

The Meditation Miracle

For most users, after about 30 minutes into their first float, the real miracle happens. Almost uncontrollably your brain switches from beta waves to theta waves – the same waves one experiences during meditation.

While in this meditative state the brain empties of all extraneous and unnecessary thoughts.  The slate is wiped clean.  When you emerge after about an hour your body will feel detoxified, lighter, and your mind will be clear and focused.  You will feel like you just took an eight-hour nap on a Maui beach.

We’re Squeaky Clean

Float Center popularity is growing but most centers still use 50 year old float tank technology – where the water in the float tank stays in the tank 24/7.  The floatSPA premium floatation pod offers 100% water removal and complex filtration processes between each and every float session.  When you enter your private float suite, the floatSPA pod is completely empty and spotlessly clean.  As you shower and prepare for your float session, the floatSPA pod fills with your epsom salt float solution, ensuring that you are entering a completely clean, float environment.  We call this the Indigo 100% Purity Guarantee.
With all the benefits of floating, it’s no surprise that more and more high profile sports and entertainment figures have incorporated regular floating into their lives. As they talk about the benefits of floating in the media, interest is exploding all across the U.S.

The Indigo Difference

Full Water Evacuation Between Floats

The floatSPA pod is quite simply the most sophisticated float pod in the world and Indigo Float is the premier float center franchise in the U.S. that offers all of our clients 100% full water evacuation between floats.

In every competitive pod, the float solution is already in the unit when the user gets into the pod. When arriving at the private float room at Indigo Float, our guests find their floatSPA pod completely empty and dry. As guests start their shower, the floatSPA pod quickly fills with a purified solution that is 100% filtered and sanitized.

All systems are constantly monitored through the floatSPA Pod Control System, the internal software that lets our staff know exactly when it’s time to service or replace filters or adjust all the vital conditions within the pod such as solution temperature, air temperature, music, lighting, etc.  Together, this multi-stage, fully evacuating filtration system ensures that the floatSPA pod is the cleanest, most hygienic, most advanced float pod in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is floating so hot these days?  I keep hearing about it from all kinds of different sources.

Floating is exploding everywhere because it works.  As our lives become more complicated and hectic, most of us are yearning for some way to disconnect and recharge.  Floating does that comfortably and effortlessly.  Floating delivers a long list of physical, emotional and cognitive benefits.

Here’s a partial list – as described in numerous clinical studies:

Reduces blood pressure

Increases productivity in workers and students

Reduces stress and anxiety

Supports addiction therapy

Effectively treats lupus, fibromyalgia,
chemo-fog and more

Reduces pain & inflammation

Speeds recovery from injury

Calms the mind

Improves sleep

Decreases cortisol and other stress hormones

I have tried meditation and was not successful. Why is this going to work?  

Meditation requires you to somehow wrestle control over your constantly overactive, overthinking mind.  That can take years, if not decades to master.

Floating in a zero sensory pod, immersed in skin temperature float solution automatically triggers your physiological relaxation response – no wrestling needed.

Isn’t it claustrophobic?

Absolutely not.  Most people experience feelings of claustrophobia or panic when they’re in a small, enclosed space because they feel that they have no control.  In an airplane, for instance, they’re at the mercy of the pilot, the weather, the plane’s proper mechanical functioning, etc.

The extra-large interior and oval-shape of the pod reduces claustrophobic feelings some encounter with other pods.  The common result is a feeling of an infinite space surrounding you.  If you do start to feel uncomfortable, open the lid to any height you desire,  or simply get out of the pod.  YOU are in complete control.

Why can’t I just float at home?

To truly experience the benefits of floating you’ll need a few things.  First, the float solution has to contain hundreds of pounds of Epsom salts.  Try pouring that into your bathtub!  Also, the float solution in the pod will need to be kept at a specific temperature to maximize the effects.

The water in your home bath gets cold after a few minutes, requiring you to add more warm water, which makes it difficult if not impossible to remain in a meditative state.

Effective floating can only happen in a restricted sensory environment, which is in most cases impossible to replicate in your home.

Your First Float


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Arrive 15 minutes before your float to check-in.  Our staff will be waiting for you and can help familiarize you with floating.


Enter your float room, shower and enjoy your experience.  Click here for some helpful tips on how to maximize your floating experience.


Rinse off, get changed, grab some tea, sit and chill, reflect, talk and share your experience and enjoy the after-float glow.

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You will see why floating is the fastest growing therapy in the field of health & wellness.