Float Therapy for the Everyday Mom.


Motherhood brings a lot of joy, but it can also demand a lot of effort, both physically and mentally. And for the average American Mom, that sometimes means a lot of stress and anxiety. The extra pressure and busy schedule can easily make you stressed out. You can consider stress relief techniques to calm your mind like yoga, the Gym, or maybe by simply spending time with your friends. All these can relax your mind and help you to fight anxiety and stress. But…Have you heard of Floating? And how it can help you treat stress and anxiety?


Float Therapy: A Proven All-Natural Treatment for Anxiety and Stress


Yes, there are many other alternatives for relaxation. Traditional techniques such as yoga and meditation have many healing properties when appropriately done, and these practices can bring positive changes in your attitude. However, by considering Float Therapy, an all-natural alternative for treating stress, anxiety, and depression, you can get more benefits than just mental relaxation.

Floating can take you to a deeper relaxation level and can offer a more fulfilled experience. Just imagine floating in zero gravity! It is a unique experience. You feel weightless while finding yourself in a completely different state that will relax both your mind and your body.


But what Is Float Therapy?


Floating or R.E.S.T (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) is a unique and all-natural type of therapy designed to offer you optimal relaxation by blocking all stimuli from the outside world. You float effortlessly in a pod filled with 1000 lb of Epsom salts in complete darkness. The Sensory Deprivation allows your mind and body to “disconnect” and “reset.” People come out of the float pod feeling re-energized and in perfect Zen.

You will start losing your body awareness, followed by a liberating and relaxing feeling. Float therapy can be very beneficial for mothers and pregnant women. They can unplug from the outside world and forget about the chaos just for a moment besides receiving all the health benefits.



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While in the float pod, you cannot hear anything except your heartbeat; This is the best way to connect with your inner being. After your float session, you will be motivated, rejuvenated, and ready to take whatever challenge the world throws at you. Epsom salt has been used for decades after intense workouts for high-level athletes. However, it’s perfect for everyday moms; Float Therapy releases the tightness in your muscles and alleviates any tension in your body. It is the ideal combination with the added benefits of stress reduction, increased sleep, healthy skin, and improved cognitive functioning.


Benefits of Float Therapy for the Everyday Mom


1. Reduce Stress and Anxiety.Float therapy for expecting mothers

If you’re pregnant, a new mom, or raising teenagers, your body has been exposed to stress and anxiety. Stress is prevalent among moms today because of the added pressure put on by social media and inner criticisms.

Moms are being told that they should have a home cooked meal every night, a spotless house and a great body. The issue is that most moms are becoming increasingly stressed out. They want a moment to themselves and feel guilty if they try to set aside time.

Moms are exposed to an array of different challenges. Float therapy offers moms an opportunity to put those thoughts aside. It will alleviate those symptoms of stress and improve your overall mood.


2. Floating Encourages a Space for Meditation and Mindfulness.


Imagine a space free from the distractions of everyday noise, lights from a screen, and being grabbed by little hands. Even sitting on the sofa isn’t safe for a mom because, in 5 minutes, a small toddler will make a nook right next to you. And while that’s a fantastic feeling, you need space to be completely isolated.

While in a float pod, it’s the best time to meditate and focus on mindfulness. Since it completely removes all sensory distractions, you can focus on your inhale and exhale. You can feel the rise of your stomach and the deflation as you breathe out. It’s a great opportunity also to meditate and bring yourself back to that peaceful state of being.


3. Flotation Therapy Helps Recharge your Mind and Improve your Memory.


Gone are the days when you have your to-do list nicely written on cute notes. Now, you’re merely trying to get through the day. Remembering appointments for yourself and children, when your children go on vacation from school, when your car needs an oil change, and when you have deadlines approaching at work. Float therapy will allow you to feel like you went on a weekend spa retreat without having to travel far. Your memory will improve, and you’ll be amazed at how much you can focus on tasks.


4. Focus on Yourself as a Woman.


Moms are more than caretakers. As a mom, you are still a woman with needs. You deserve to cater to those needs despite the growing demands of your children. When you are in the float pod, you will embrace who you are as a woman and a mother. You will never be the same person before you had children. Frankly, who wants to be? As much as they make noise and messes around the house, it’s a blessing to be a part of their development.
But, it’s much easier to appreciate those messes when you realign with yourself a woman.


5. Some Peace and Quiet Without the Guilt.


It’s hard to hear your own thoughts when you are constantly being pulled in different directions. Even if you wake up earlier than your children, it’s easy to get caught up in what needs to be done around the house. If you wait until the kids are asleep to get some peace and quiet, you’ll end up sleeping right along with them.

The best way to get peace and quiet is to schedule it. Once you enter one of our float pods at Indigo Float and listen to the silence all around you, it will instantly make you feel refreshed, alert, and calmer. It’s not easy to unplug from the world. We have access to so much noise that we forget what our own voice sounds like.

Do you remember the last time you didn’t have a screen in front of you for an entire day? Do you remember the last time it was absolutely quiet? If you have children, not even the bathroom is a safe zone anymore.


6. Float Therapy Helps Alleviate Pain, Swelling, and Stiffness.


Pregnancy and post-pregnancy are challenging to the body. You are putting on weight from your growing baby, and that can cause a lot of pressure on your pelvis and lower back. The float tank takes the load off, and you will feel weightless in the water. There is no strain from trying to stay afloat. Your body is not active while in a pod. This will improve your circulation and pressure points.

Once you have your baby, you are picking up car seats, bending up and down constantly to pick up toys, and holding a baby in your arms. The added weight and strain can take a toll on a mom’s new body. Floating in a tank with 1000 lb of Epsom salt is the perfect way to alleviate the pain and pressure.


7. Float Therapy is a Great Alternative for Pregnant Women as a Way to Reduce Pressure.


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As your body begins to change with the growth of your baby, it’s important to take care of yourself. It’s also important to bond with your growing baby. Take time to share your thoughts, rub your belly, and be aware of what is happening within you. Floating is safe for pregnant moms who are often nervous about getting massages. Float Therapy is well-known for promoting and developing a bond between the baby and the mother, thanks to the deeper connection achieved inside the float tank.


8. Floating is Great for Skin, Hair, Nails, and Bones.


The floatSPA pods at Indigo Float are filled with a magnesium sulfate water solution, which allows for better skin, hair, nails, and bones. Many moms experience breakouts while pregnant because of the changing hormones. Or they may experience some hair loss after giving birth. Float Therapy, thanks to the rich Magnesium content in the water solution, provides a great alternative for building back those nutrients and improving your overall health and well-being.

Magnesium deficiency is another problem underlying issues such as fatigue and muscle weakness. Flotation Therapy allows your body to absorb magnesium through the skin naturally.


9. Floating is the Best Rest for Any Mom at Any Stage.


Flotation Therapy for expecting mothersMost moms joke about sleep and the fact that they will never get it back again. When you’re pregnant sleep can become erratic since the baby may kick around that time. Insomnia can become a real concern for expectant moms.

Whether from the added pressure from your baby or the endless kicking, it’s challenging to get a good night sleep towards the third trimester. Insomnia can cause irritability, difficulty concentrating, and other issues.

Once your baby is born, sleep becomes more of a challenge. It’s harder to feel well-rested. Some assume that they will eventually go back into the rhythm of a normal sleep pattern, but it’s never the same. When you little one is sick, having a nightmare, crawling into your bed, or wakes up at 5 am to watch early morning cartoons, you will soon realize you need a real rest. Many moms get the best rest in a float tank.


10. Practicing Float Therapy is a Healthier Way to Handle your Emotions.


It’s no secret that moms can become emotional and sometimes want to grab that extra donut, bad habit, or phone. Mom’s want a way to handle all the stress and emotions they are feeling, but they may not know-how. Instead of feeding your bad habits, you will learn how to manage your emotions calmly.

Floating will give your body what it’s craving without the guilt that follows most unhealthy habits. Many find that they can look at their situation with a new perspective or even a solution to a problem.

Float tanks are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to understand why with the demands of society. Taking a moment for yourself will not take away from your children. Taking a moment for yourself will add to your quality as a mother. You won’t feel like you’re being spread thin and worn down. You’ll come back home happier to be around your family. And once you know what your body needs to keep going, you’ll make it a priority.


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Indigo Float in all three float centers (Denver, Jacksonville, and Orlando) is committed to bringing the benefits of Flotation Therapy to the community as well as providing a most needed quiet time for every Mom out there.

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