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Floating, also known as R.E.S.T. Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy, describes what happens when you spend a specific amount of time in an environment that’s free from the distractions of light, sound, touch and gravity.


The effects are dramatic.


 Are you looking to Increase focus?  Improve sleep?  Recover quicker?   

Reduce anxiety? or Ease aches & pains?


Experience Float Therapy!  

Reduce Stress

Detoxify Your Body

Improve Sleep

Increase Performance and Creativity

Reduce Joint & Muscle Pain

Sharpen Focus

Improve Memory & Cognitive Performance

Improve Brain-Fog

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Go Weightless

You’ll be floating in shallow magnesium sulphate solution; suspended weightless as 850 pounds of Epsom salt supports your entire body. The magnesium is exceptional for the rejuvenation of skin, hair, nails and bones, while the sulfate pulls toxins, lactic acid, heavy metals, and other impurities from the body.

You’ll float effortlessly on the surface, completely eliminating the stress on bones, muscles, and organs.  And because the solution is heated to the temperature of your skin, within a few minutes you’ll lose the sensation of where your body ends and the solution begins.  It’s as close as you can get to feeling weightless – like in outer space.

The Meditation Miracle

For most users, after about 30 minutes into a float the real miracle happens. Almost uncontrollably your brain switches from beta waves to theta waves – the same waves one experiences during meditation.

While in this meditative state the brain empties of all extraneous and unnecessary thoughts.  The slate is wiped clean.  When you emerge after about an hour your body will feel detoxified and your mind will be clear and focused.  You will feel like you just took an eight-hour nap on a Maui beach.

We’re Squeaky Clean

Float Center popularity is growing but most centers still use 50 year old float tank technology – where the water in the float tank stays in the tank 24/7.  The floatSPA pod offers 100% water removal and complex filtration processes between each and every float session.  When you enter your private float suite, the floatSPA pod is completely empty and spotlessly clean.  As you shower and prepare for your float session, the floatSPA pod fills with your epsom salt float solution, ensuring that you are entering a completely clean, bacteria free float environment.  We call this the Indigo 100% Purity Guarantee.

With all the benefits of floating, it’s no surprise that more and more high profile sports and entertainment figures have incorporated regular floating into their lives. As they talk about the benefits of floating in the media, interest is exploding all across the U.S.

For the expecting mother

Flotation therapy can offer a brilliant level of relaxation, and pain relief not found outside of the pod.

Floating while pregnant allows you to escape the added weight of pregnancy by taking the strain off the body, spine…and feet. It promotes excellent sleep, a lovely sense of well-being, and can help with all the aches and pains normally associated with pregnancy.

Please see your Doctor before floating.

For Athletic recovery, and more…

Athletes drive their bodies to the absolute limit. Recovery is crucial to athletic performance and development. Our float center is equipped with cutting-edge float pods designed to provide a fast recovery to keep you in the match and bouncing back from pains and fatigue quickly.

Floating is popular worldwide, is equally applied by athletes to improve performance and recovery, business professionals under substantial stress, students during examination days, exhausted mothers – to – be and mothers of young kids or simply those wanting to unwind. Medical science is also frequently using flotation for the complementary treatment of various illnesses.


An all natural treatment for…

Anxiety, Stress, Depression, PTSD, Insomnia, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Burnout, Muscle and Joint Tension, Arthritis, and more!

Flotation therapy provides a unique opportunity to unplug from the routine and chaos of daily life. Numerous people dealing with stress or anxiety can find relief in the float pod.

For PTSD sufferers


Floating has a proven track record of reducing stress. Especially for PTSD sufferers who experience ongoing anxiety and tenseness, an hour of complete quiet and calmness in a float tank can be an incredible relief. 

But, how Float Therapy helps Veterans dealing with PTSD?

Flotation Therapy helps veterans in a variety of physical and mental ways. About 20% of veterans struggle with PTSD every day. Although awareness of the disorder is higher than in the past, most veterans don’t feel completely understood.

Living with PTSD is not easy, but treatment options are available—and as a complement to traditional methods of treatment such as cognitive and exposure therapy, spending time in a float tank can provide tremendous relief from the symptoms of PTSD.

Floating provides a unique opportunity for unplugging from the routine and chaos of daily life. Many people dealing with stress or anxiety can find relief in the float tank, but perhaps no group needs that relief more than veterans suffering from PTSD.

“You don’t just reduce the anxiety; you get this tremendous uplift of mood. We call this the anti-anxiety effect of floating.”

Justin Feinstein, Ph.D.

Clinical Neuropsychologist. Director, LIBR Float Clinic & Research Center, Laureate Institute for Brain Research

“With the Epsom salts and magnesium that are in those tanks, they’re helpful with recovery and relaxing your muscles and things like that. And also, the sensory-deprivation aspect of it. It’s one of the only places where you can really get unplugged from all the noise and distractions that go on with daily life.”

Steph Curry

NBA Superstar

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Indigo Float Denver

1550 S Colorado Blvd #107
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11111 San Jose Blvd, Suite 70
Jacksonville, FL 32223

Float Tanks for Fibromyalgia

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Float therapy in the news and on TV

Floating has been featured on many leading health and lifestyle publications and news sources.

Stephen Curry (NBA MVP and Championship Winner) discusses how float therapy keeps his game in peak shape



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